Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Since moving to Louisiana five years ago, MedCamps of Louisiana has become an integral part of our lives.  I say our lives, because it touches our family far beyond our "special child" Nathan.  MedCamps has become far more to us than just a place to send our son. 

It goes without saying that Nathan loves going to camp and attending the Christmas party each year.  He begins talking about it with the coming of spring.  He loves the activities and the time with his friends.  Since the first summer, Camp Kandoo has provided him with a community of peers that he's growing with.  He anticipates seeing and being with them more than any scheduled activity.  Caleb, Wes, and each years crew of counselors form a much loved "extended family" for him.  Encountering them in the community becomes an impromptu "mini reunion".

The MedCamps influence reaches beyond just Nathan.  Our whole family is touched.  As parents, we eagerly look forward to reconnecting with our own MedCamps family of parents, staff, and returning counselors.  We've watched Nathan's friends grow and develop in lock-step with him over the passing years.  MedCamps also benefits Nathan's older brother.  Each summer, he gets five days of uninterrupted mom and dad time.  Siblings of "special kids" seldom get this luxury.    Our boys are reunited afterward with a renewed tolerance and appreciation for each other. 

The benefit that our family gleans from MedCamps of Louisiana goes far beyond a safe, fun place for one child.  All four of us are blessed to have it.  We mark the passing of the seasons with the coming of MedCamps and its related events.  For our family, participating in MedCamps has become a nonnegotiable. 

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