Friday, September 2, 2011

He Who Can Laugh at Himself...

....will never lack for entertainment.

I've been dealing with Tourette's and its symptoms for 37 years now.  You'd think that nothing would surprise me anymore, much less entertain me.  Not true.  I've found a new behavioral tic.  I find it entertaining and downright funny.

I LOVE to cook.  Knife work is particularly soothing for me.  It gives the "OCD Monster" something to focus on.  It's down right soothing.  I love building the mechanical skills to the point where I can work quickly and smoothly.  I'm not TV chef fast, but don't count me out yet.

I found a ritualized tic in my food prep work.  Weird huh?!?!  Once my left hand has been safely positioned, I turn the knife blade parallel to the cutting surface, edge away from me, tap the tip lightly on the surface, and then I'm off to the races.  It's REAL soothing.  It's also COMPLETELY POINTLESS.  Welcome to Tourette's folks. 

I've also found repetitive rhythmic figures in my bass playing.  I play them without thinking.  They appear in every style of music I play.  They've become a part of my "musical fingerprint". 

For some reason, catching myself in these things is VERY entertaining and even funny to me.  They're my brain's own little inside joke.  Too finely grained and socially isolated to be an issue, they allow me to reap some entertainment from my own dysfunction. 


  1. Didn't notice the food prep tic, but the food is excellent! We will always be happy to help anytime you need to work something out. In fact, it may be getting close to time for us to get together again....

  2. It's perpetually close to time for us to get together again!