Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life on His Planet

I've previously stated that we "neuro non-typicals" seem to be from another planet. It came up in a conversation with friends this weekend. We were discussing what "life on Planet Nathan" would look like. I've decided I'd like to live there. Read on. You may want to join me.

On Nathan's home world, logic rules. Situations and language follow a linear course. Decisions are "black and white". The infinite shades of gray that trouble "Earthly minds" don't exist there. Things are right or wrong, good or bad.

People are who they say they are in Nathan's world. There are no facades. If someone is nice to you, they are trustworthy and good. Villains are clearly marked and easily identified. No unpleasant surprises lurk behind smiling faces.

Language there always specifies a singular meaning. Double entendre is as out of place as a pink summer sky would appear here. There is no sarcasm. No ugly meaning behind seemingly innocent words.

I'm ready to relocate. Going with me?


  1. Being a computer analyst like you, I definitely like logic, rules, standards, order and things that align and "make sense". So Nathan's world sounds like a great place to be. I believe I would love the lack of gray area. So count me in.
    I really enjoy reading your blog, so please keep it up.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I'm honored that you read and find value in my "confessions".

  3. I like Planet Nathan already. Count me in.

  4. Sounds like a great place to live! Sign me up! :)