Thursday, June 7, 2012

Continuing Discoveries

Both living with a non-typical nervous system and raising a child with one are nothing if not a journey of perpetual discovery.  I seem to learn new things about Nathan, the world at large, and myself at every turn. 

Amanda posted a very informative and accurate acrostic for "Aspergers" on Facebook.  As she read through each characteristic, it occurred to her that many, if not the majority also described me.  It was a revealing epiphany for us both.  She had never given it much thought.  I'd been pondering it for some months.

I've done what any respectable nerd does.  I hit the web and researched our observations.  I even took an online assessment.  I've taken it several times in fact.  Thanks OCD!!  I keep scoring at the upper end of the "normal" scale.  I'd expected to at least score in the "DMZ" area of the scale.  That would have validated my thinking a bit more. 

Further thinking brought me to another realization.  I'm 45, and having success in all areas of life.  I've "self-mitigated" through the years.  As an experiment, I retook the assessment using what I remember about myself in my childhood, teens, and 20's.  My memories are quite vivid.  He shoot's he scores!!  The second score is solidly in the "Autism Likely" range.  In this assessment, that's the top range.  If nothing else, this provides an interesting perspective on how far I've come personally.  It's no mystery that I feel like a completely different person now.

I'm thinking it's "doctor time" for yours truly.  That'll have to wait until after I return from Wales.  True to form, I've "latched onto" this thought process.  I'm going to have to see it through.  I'll journal the milestones on my path here in my blog.  Maybe someday I can pay homage to the great Paul Harvey and give you all "the rest of the story".

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