Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time Stand Still

Those three words aren't just a favorite lyric of mine.  They've become my heart's cry as the years pass.  I delivered Nathan to Freshman Orientation at West Monroe High School.  Connor will begin his SENIOR year there in a few short days.  Good thing I'm "well insured".  I may not live through this.
I have no problem confessing that dropping Nay off at "the big school" was down right terrifying.  Terrifying for me that is.  The "little big man" was giddy!  The humor in the situation is seeing a kid his size almost shaking with excitement.  He seems to feel that he's earned this, and he has.  His sense of pride in arriving at ninth grade is palpable.  It doesn't help my reticence, but there's no denying.  It's a big day for the Nay Nay!

His mom has demanded that I deliver him to the exact place where his day will start.  There will be no "dropping him off".  He's learned to tolerate such "indignities" with stoic calm.  As I walk with him toward the school, a car load of beautiful, blonde, freshman girls pass by with windows down yelling "Hey Nathan!!".  Yea.  I'll admit.  That part helped.
We arrive at the steps to the school where the freshmen and their orientation leaders have congregated.  Connor's best friend is an orientation leader.  That helps too.  A new friend comes and greets us.  I as Nathan "are you ready for dad to go?"  His reply is typical.  "Yep."

I can't help but stop and look back a few times as I head back to my truck.  My first look shows him greeting other kids and moving into the throng.   With each subsequent look, he melts further and further into the crowd.   He looks far less out of place here with the "bigger kids".  He's still easy to spot, but blends right in. 

I just may live through this after all.

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