Monday, December 10, 2012

Wild Horses

The autistic intellect is an amazing thing. Often underestimated, how it is perceived can say more about the observer than the observed. I find myself forced to learn this again and again.

I was pondering this while trying to fall asleep last night, and a fitting analogy came to mind. Both the neuro-typical and non neuro-typical can not quantify anything without first connecting it to something we already know and understand. We require concrete, tangible measuring tools.

The image that came to mind was a wild horse. We can observe it and know that there is great strength and ability in there, but can not quantify it until we attach it to a known load and see how much it can pull. The same is true of the autistic intellect. We see glimpses of the power. Like the horse's muscles, we see impressions of the true capability bulging through what contains it.

Unfortunately for the horse, the only way to integrate him into our world is by bridle, bit, and harness. I wish I could say this doesn't hold true for raising our autistic kids as well. We are forced to limit their comfort and their freedom to be "wild and free" in order to integrate them into the "civilized world".

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