Monday, February 11, 2013

I Don't Get It!!!

Be warned.  This one is a bit of a rant.  

What don't I get?  The whole perpetual victim, martyrdom viewpoint.  Blogs and social media are rife with perceived victimization and perpetual martyrdom.  There are subcultures that exist to revel in it.  

One would think folks like my family and me would be neck deep in it.  Don't we have reason enough?  Most of you know our inventory, but for those who don't, here goes:

Me - Tourette's, some as yet unqualified form of High-Functioning Autism, OCD, severe depression
Amanda - Hearing Impaired
Connor - ADD and unconfirmed OCD
Nathan - Asperger's and Tourette's 

On top of this, I've experienced a massive career failure and lost everything financially in the not so distant past.  I'd think this segment of the list alone would give me plenty of excuse to consider my family and me quite the little herd of martyrs/victims.  Some of the "softer souls" out there would probably give me a pass if I did.  

Here's the deal.  We're not anyone's victim, nor are we victims of God, the Universe, Karma, the Devil, Shiva, or stellar/planetary misalignment.  News flash!!  We enjoy our individual lives and our lives together.  We laugh, we love, and we share our love, our laughter, and our meager possession with others.  We believe we have much to give, even if it's not appreciated by everyone.  

A dear lady in "our world" recently underwent an "L4/L5 360 Fusion" procedure.  The word "invasive" doesn't begin to describe this surgery.   I'm fairly convinced she had "more stitches than Buford Pusser" by the time they were done.  Her recovery has nothing short of grueling   This gal did some serious hurting.  I witnessed a few brief moments of it, but even what I saw was far from the worst.  To say that it cut right through my normally stoic approach to such things is an understatement.  

What little I saw was hard to watch.  What I didn't see was a victim.  No martyr there.   She was honest about her ordeal to all who asked, or read her social media, but again, no martyrdom, no whining.  Quite the opposite.  When her strength began to return, we were treated to her own brand of self-deprecating humor, even when relating some of the worst of it.  

I saw more whining in social media from folks with nothing more than a decent case of the snots.  Yea.  I don't get it.

Here's the punch line.  I don't want to get it.  Don't do me any favors and try to "explain it to me".  My family and I are just fine wallowing in our ignorance on this one.

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