Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have no doubt that this entry will cost me readers.  I honestly don't care.  Those of us with even a small voice in the Autism community must use it to fight disinformation and child neglect.  

Vaccinate your kids.

What started from one, now former, doctor's greed has spread into a part of our society's thinking.  There is no provable link between vaccines and autism.  PERIOD.  Fourteen studies, by unrelated research teams, in several countries have attempted to reproduce Wakefield's results.  None have shown even the slightest hint of supporting his findings.  The data collection faults and out right fraud of Wakefield's study has been well documented.  

Even if Wakefield's study were true, the risk of autism doesn't compare to the risk of DEATH involved with the diseases.  Watch the following video.  It's short, but it's the best presentation I've seen on the topic.  

Yea....it's Penn & Teller, but the numbers they give are solid.  

I've been sent numerous URLs to websites that talk about the ingredients in the vaccines.  They claim everything from human cells to all sorts of dread chemicals.  They list copious references which on the surface seem to support their claims.  The problem isn't in the references, it's in the inferences that the articles and editorials make.  There's no science involved.  Some of it makes the stuff the UFO conspiracy guys spout sound like Einstein's work.  To those unfamiliar with the scientific method, the writing seems sound, when it reality it is making unsupported quantum leaps to reach the findings they claim to prove.  Those who believe it do so only by disregarding solid, peer reviewed, published, reproducible findings.  

But what about all those parents who say they saw their child change after the injection.  Even some doctors say they've seen it.  There's a solid rule in science.  "Correlation does not imply causation."  Just because two things happen within a given time frame does not imply that one caused the other.  If you look at the time frames in which most parents notice differences in their young children, they coincide roughly with the developmental stages where vaccines are given.  They always have.  This was the case long before the recent increase in diagnosed autism cases.  It proves nothing.  

Few of us have any issue declaring some things as child neglect/child endangerment.  We become livid when we see an unrestrained child in a moving vehicle.  Mention a firearm left unlocked and some go ballistic (pun fully intended).  We get insanely angry if someone leaves a dog in the car in the summer, yet somehow we've developed a tolerance for the conscious decision to willfully and knowingly endanger children by failing to vaccinate them.  We declare it a "personal decision", when in truth, it is no less child neglect/child endangerment.  

Our society must lose its tolerance for this type of child neglect as it has lost tolerance for unrestrained children in vehicles.  It's that simple.

The fallout from Wakefield's greed and the conspiracy culture it has inspired doesn't get much "play" in the media in the US.  I'm including articles that document one family's tragic encounter with tetanus, and the current Wales Swansea Measles Epidemic.  

Wales Measles Epidemic

This is what the fallout looks like:  Parents' Fear of Vaccination Nearly Killed Their Son

Enough is enough!!

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