Thursday, September 6, 2012


Those who have been accompanying my journey already know that Amanda is the educational genius behind Nathan's academic success.  I lay no claim to any credit there.  Science and some mathematics issues are my specialty.  I participate in the process, but she is the architect of his success.

Our greatest challenge has been abstract learning.  Word problems have been the bane of Nathan's existence.  Freshman science is loaded with them.  Enter dad.  It became my job to teach him how to formulate a hypothesis, identify dependent and independent variables, etc. from a basic, single sentence problem statement.  He got it.  The test will be the real litmus, but the concept has "clicked".  He did most of the assignment with only minor guidance.

CNN was a no show.  Fox News hasn't' returned my phone calls.  They had important stuff to cover, like what the British Royals did today, and the latest celebrity meltdown.  Again, they've missed covering one of our "daily miracles".  Achieving abstract thought "on demand" is a major accomplishment for autistic folk, and mine has done it.  I'm not sure whether I'm more proud or amazed. 

I take great pleasure in counting the milestones.  This was a big one.

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