Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Risky Behavior

Just a few more days and Nathan turns sixteen. What a rush of memories and feelings that brings. Those will have to wait for later. Another, more pressing concern stands before us. Nathan likes birthday parties. We are all too happy to indulge him. The only real stress for Amanda and me is the guest list. 

It's birthday party number six in Louisiana. Each year Nathan is surrounded by those who value him. He makes out like a bandit. Unfortunately, only once in the past five has this included a classmate. He's a special kid too. They came once.  

Yea.  It's is another self-indulgent post folks. Again this year Nathan has specified those schoolmates he wants to come to his party.  Invitations have been issued. I fear I know the outcome. 

I'm trying hard not to be cynical and bitter.  I'm gonna have to try harder. Again this year I hope and pray to be wrong.  Time will tell. 

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