Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Joy of Being Wrong

They came. 

Four kids from Nathan's high school.  Their parents didn't make them.  They chose to come. 

The party was a rousing success.  Our house was filled with the usual suspects, plus the four we'd secretly hoped for but had given up on.  Connor and I cooked all morning to ensure that our guests were thanked appropriately.  Nathan made out like a bandit.

My paranoia and cynicism didn't fare so well.  People exceeded my expectations.  One young lady made it clear to her parents that not seeing Nathan at his party was basically unacceptable.  I'm still trying to process the whole thing.  I confess.  I was unprepared.

Make no mistake, this is HUGE.  I wasn't sure it would ever happen.  Is it enough to damage my paranoia?  Probably not.  That being said, it sure dealt it one heck of a sucker punch. 

Later that evening, Nathan came into the living room and said "You know.  I've had a really good birthday."  Little did he know that Dad had a really good day too.


  1. That is so great! Love this post! What did y'all cook?

  2. Thanks Lanette,

    I made gumbo. Connor made etouffee.

  3. Sometimes it is so good to be wrong! I am glad he had a great birthday and party! Happy Birthday Nathan! :)

  4. Thanks Jenn!! I can't tell you how honored I am that you've stuck with me for so long. ;-)