Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hope and Vampires

Two things I don't believe in. No, this isn't another rant on my disdain for hope as a concept. Trust me. Keep reading.

Nathan deviated from his usual Grim Reaper theme for Halloween this year. He wanted to be a Vampire. I must say. He made a rather convincing one. More importantly, he was quite the host for all our "ghoulish guests" that the evening brought. Each guest was greeted with "Come on up. I'll be right with you." He worked to calm the frightened little ones. At 6'3", 301lbs, he's a whole lot of Vampire to deal with! He even commented on costumes. All from a kid who wouldn't say "trick or treat" without prompting until age 11.

We'd invited several family friends to bring their kids over. The more "customers" the better with Nathan. One young lady in his Freshman class brought a whole hoard of costumed contemporaries. Hammed up pictures were taken, and a good time was had by all.  For a few brief moments, we got to see him as just another kid in the crowd, tall, handsome, funny, and confident.

After the final throes of our yearly haunting were done, I sat alone, on a quiet porch, tears in eyes, bourbon in hand, just taking it all in. Hope and vampires, two things I don't believe in, though I'm pretty sure I saw both on my porch last night.

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