Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Still Grateful

My diehard readers know what a big deal gratitude is to me. I'd be remiss if I didn't again remind folks that being me, being a "special person" and raising a "special person" gives me much to be grateful for. The past year has left me with an abundant supply of gratitude.

I am grateful for ....

... my Savior, my dear, miracle working wife Amanda, and my amazing boys. Each passing year only deepens my appreciation.

... those in my life who have deepened their connection to me and my family. The past year has seen some truly amazing people added to our circle. Their generosity, open heartedness, and humor have made our world a more beautiful place. They have encsconced themselves in my circle of "body movers" and fit right in.

... a small, but amazing group of friends that have enterred Nathan's life in the past year. They value him in ways I'd long hoped he'd experience, but held little hope of him receiving from his peers. Were I a rich man, they would be literally surrounded and clothed in my gratitude. Until such a time, my words, attention, and oddly adoring looks will have to suffice.

... a crew of hard working volunteers in Bridgend, Wales. They stole a bit of my heart. I sincerely hope to go back and visit them soon and say hello to the piece of me they kept.

... those who believed in me enough to give me the opportunity to travel abroad and ply my musical craft, and those who made the journey with me. I revisit my memories with them often.

... educators who pushed our boundaries, believed in Nathan, and continue to work diligently to ensure that he succeeds without a personal aid, self-sufficient in mainstream classes.

... Connor's growing culinary passion. We eat good at the Batey residence!

... my grandfathers and Amanda's mother. All of our lives are made richer by our "old folks". Having grandparents at 45 is a treasure beyond price.

The last one merits particular mention. I am grateful for my continuing journey of self-discovery and understanding. All those listed above play a part in my growing. You, my dear readers, play a part in my growing as well. Though I'll only know most of you as a number on my read count and a city in my stats, knowing that you are there, still with me, finding value in my journey, are another of my treasures. It is my sincere wish that you find many things to be grateful for in your own world.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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