Monday, October 4, 2010


There it is.  The world's biggest little question.  I plan to make the different facets of "why" a recurrent theme in my writings.  I've come to my own understanding of this little monster.  The first facet I'm going to tackle is the "why" of my blog.  Why would ANYONE share the stuff I'm writing?

"You're only as sick as your secrets."  I learned this truth while helping provide music for a "Celebrate Recovery" ministry.  The "12-steppers" live and die by this principle.  The rest of us underestimate it's truth to our peril.  Tourette's people have secrets, lots of them.  Our brain quite literally has a "mind of its own".  Experience has taught us that most of the rest of the world will run screaming for the hills if we divulge too much.  I for one am weary from carrying this collection of junk.  It's like pulling a U-Haul trailer behind my soul.  Enough already!!!

I've also come to believe that our secrets lie to us.  They like being secret.  They are the royalty of our information.  It's a powerful status.  Once "royal status"  is lost, a given piece of information becomes no more exciting or threatening than my shoe size.  Nothing likes being "demoted".  Our secrets fight to keep their status.  If they win, they hold us hostage and keep us from being accountable to the important people in our lives. 

Here is where my writing comes in.  My blog is my battlefield.  It is here that I attempt to "unhook the U-Haul".  My hope is that my battle cry will resonate with others and move them to "take up arms" in their own minds.  Parents and patients alike must fight.  Parents must fight both for themselves and their "special child".  There are few better things we can do for them than free them from their secrets.

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